Are you marveling?

Matthew 8:27 “And the men marveled…”

Have you ever had a reaction like the disciples in Matthew 8:27?
After Jesus commanded the wind and sea to obey Him, the disciples “marveled.” This word in greek means: to be in wonder, amazed, or astonished. Jesus’ band of brothers were astonished that Jesus pulled rank over creation, but are you? Are you left in wonder? Did you sit back for a second and marvel at the awesomeness of Jesus?

Jesus rebuking the storm wasn’t the only piece of kindling provided for your heart to be astonished. Did you see all of the incredible feats of Christ? Did you catch a theme in what you read today (Matthew 1:1-12:50)?
Did you notice the phrase “to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet”? It occurs in Matthew 1:22; 2:5, 15, 17, 23; 4:14; 8:1; & 12:17. Matthew is trying to show us something. Each time Matthew uses this phrase along with a quotation from the Old Testament, he is saying, “Jesus is the one. He is the one we have been waiting for. Jesus is the real deal.”
Jesus is the one. He is THE Messiah. He is the fulfillment of the entire Old Testament. All Scripture always points to Jesus.
Does that help you to marvel at your savior?
How about…

  •    His virgin birth?
  •    His victorious stand-off with Satan?
  •    Him healing a leper with a single touch?
  •    Him healing with only a word?
  •    When he bossed around demons?
  •    His ministry to the biggest sinners in society?
  •    When he resurrected a little girl?
  •    His healing of two blind guys?
  •    His billowing compassion?
  •    His truthful claim to be greater than the temple (valued at billions of dollars and was seen has the prized piece of Jewish life)?
  •    His truthful claim to be greater than the famous prophet Jonah?
  •    His truthful claim to be greater than Solomon (the wisest, richest & most powerful king Israel had seen)?

Are you marveling yet? What will it take for you to marvel at your God and King? What is needed for you to be astonished at Jesus? Remember the greatest event in your history: Jesus putting himself in the path of God’s wrath on the cross for you. Are you marveling?
If you are puttering about and finding your astonishment tank on ‘empty’ – seek Him. Seek the Spirit. Ask Him to do this work on your heart. Only the Spirit can make you marvel.

May we all marvel at our messiah!


[Are You Marveling?  Was a devotional written for Redeemer Church – the series can be found on our Plaza]

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